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Attendance of loading or discharge operations by fully qualified loss control professionals. Witnessing shore and ship gauging prior to and after operations.

Ensuring adherence of ASTM and API standards by the independent inspection company, calculate cargo quantities, compare and analyze ship/shore cargo transferred quantities.

During cargo operations our office maintains contact with the client via phone, fax and e-mail. Immediately upon completion of operations, the client will receive by fax or e-mail a complete time log and a cargo summery with cargo reconciliation, and confirmed shore out turn. Our full report will follow normally within a week.

Why Loss Control?

Used as a cost savings tool it encompasses the planned and controlled reduction in cargo losses caused by various factors associated with the movement of crude and oil products.

There are four reasons why 
a company hires a loss control representative:

  • 1

    Ascertain the load/discharge quantities

    Petroleum liquid cargoes are of high value and it is imperative that ship/shore figures are reconciled.
    As your loss control representative we are there to make sure your interests are protected. We lead the investigation into reconciling or explaining any discrepancies.

  • 2

    Ascertain the quality of the cargo.

    Sampling is a very delicate operation. We are there to ensure that the proper procedures are accurately followed by the independent inspector.

  • 3

    Tank inspection.

    Onboard the vessel we verify that the cargo containment meets the specs of the charter party to ensure that there is no cargo contamination.
    Ashore we verify that the cargo is directed into a suitable shore tank and if co-mingled with a product already in the tank, that the product in the tank is within specifications.

  • 4

    Reporting – creating a paper trail.

    We document every detail of the operation for your records to ensure that any challenge or claim that arises is easily defended.

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